November 23, 2012

Its been a while…

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Its been a while since I’ve written but I feel the urge to explore coming over me again so I hope I’ll be adding to this blog once again. My East London has changed a lot recently, the Olympics and village for starters although we’re all still fenced out at the mo, I can wander the canals I hope. I’ve got the cable car daft idea number one to explore (what!) and many many new architectural complexes all the way down through new East London to discover… hopefully some of the old gems of history I’ve known down that streak of London have survived some of the modernisations.

I’m hoping this post will bounce and ping a few old rss feeds, you know how it is hey folks, stuff happens. Im looking forward to some wandering and writing my miscellaneous ramblings once again, hope you can join me.


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July 3, 2009

Victoria Park Heron

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A superbly adequate late pub lunch

Catch up shots, set two.

Its a sun bright overcast day,  its warm and a small blustery breeze is rocking the foliage as I sit on the buzzing banks of a small pond in Bethnal Green. I’m drinking cool Guinness from a plastic glass watching a heron fishing across the water.  I’m stuck between two problems, the stuffing of a huge door step sandwich of Brunswick Ham, strong cheddar, loads of raw red onion, mayonnaise and black pepper down my throat as slowly as possible …against the fact that I’ve been trying to shoot this heron  catching a fish for years (Well one just like it anyway) and this day more than many others offers a super light for it and hes fishing in a particular spot that I know I can get quite close to with a very pleasing background, which isn’t at all easy to come by anywhere, let alone a huge public park in London.

So given that I could go back and get another slow sandwich anytime I want…

A heron catching a …something. Possibly a leach has been suggested, I like to think its a very small fish, but then I would woudn’t I.

All shot: Victoria Park, Hackney/Bethnal Green, London, last month.








This is my first heron catch shot, yeah its not actually a very cool catch or or anything, but for me it marks the beginning of another hunt for improvement upon it, I have my first, now for the rest. Of course the location  does have the added benefit of nearby refreshment and supplies, which is a useful diversion if the heron fails to appear or just as likely flies off at the first sight,  them’s the breaks I suppose … Just as long as the careless take care of their litter, which is becoming increasingly unlikely, I may yet get the full blown fish shot in as perfect a light but whether I can avoid the rubbish is another problem.

Shot at the same location in late autumn last year.



Hmm, I know how he feels…

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Photography, A Very Short Film?

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A hot beach in Kent.

Random catch up blog shots, part one.

Is Photography a very short film, so short the frames of time have been purposely frozen as one viewable image?
I read something like that six months ago and its stuck in my head, It complements I thought, the expression ‘capturing moments in time’.

If you think about it, you’ll realise the truth of this statement,  and if you a photographer and you really think about it, you begin to ponder.
So as an experiment I thought about combining some of those moments within a longer moment somehow. I’ve used three consecutive shots,  merging two fully then overlaying and  selectively masking through the lower into the main shot layered above.



I like it, didn’t go down well with my peers though, hayho. The rest of these photographs where shot as the hot day turned into a beautiful hazy evening  on a beach in Kent last month. I hope they all convey (including the one above) the still mood and slow temper at the end of a hot day by the beach.









This last image is slightly miss shot and blurred, but I still like it.



More catch up blogs photo sets coming soon folks, loads more to show. Thanks very much for your uplifting comments.


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May 3, 2009

Hadleigh Castle Ruins

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Found along the Thames estuary at Hadleigh, over the last century these ruins have been the inspiration to millions of artists, one of them, a John Constable had spent many hours sketching the ancient desolate towers set against the huge vista of the Thames estuary below.
In 1829, after being married late at 33 years old, his younger wife Maria died of tuberculosis, later that very year in desolate and desperate grief Constable painted the castle and its surroundings which you can see in the link below.

John Constable. “Constable. Hadleigh Castle 1829″ Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, USA.

Virtually all Constables most famous works where produced after his marriage.
Constable commented on his work after her death, “All I can do is ruins.” …he said. He continued to paint in grief for another nine years until his own death.

The photograph below contains the left most tower in Constables painting …as you can see its only a shadow of its former self, 80% of it having collapsed since he painted the castle more than a century ago.  The shot below that is the main tower you see in constables painting, some of its height appears to have been lost otherwise its resemblance is obvious and it remains wholly intact compared.

The last two photographs contain some of the views of the Thames estuary in the far distance, I’d suggest the one below could have been close to where Constable painted his scene, he’d have been looking left across the photograph,  I suspect there was a tower or raised ground behind that tree which has since slipped down the hill side (Their are many remains of walls down over that edge) and that was his vantage point looking left across and out of that photo towards the main tower and out towards the sea and estuary, which  you can see more of in the last shot.

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March 24, 2009

Springs arrived and simplicity is back

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Everyone warming up a little, stretch those arms, lighten that gear bag and get framing, springs arrived, I don’t care if its not quite true yet and It’ll probably snow next week, but in the meantime… woot.

From the London Docklands, NE quarter.

I shot these three after a quick wander with a mate last week, a take away coffee, a beer in a public house and a few shots to feed the passion; now that’s what I really like to do, no rush, no subject and no aims , armed only with a camera and an imagination to enjoy the art of photography.

Strangely, although I often shoot with friends, my photography is a very private thing, this applies to many photographers I feel, my friends certainly feel the same way. Shooting with them is not a matter of conversation and gossip but one of inspiration and infectious creativeness, its all excitement and application, no one subject goes unexplored and many get the full treatment.  As any experienced photographer will tell you, there are photo opportunities at every step, its spotting them that’s the tricky bit. And even if you do spot them, can you frame and compose them to work for you as a photograph, and if you can, would the light be better on another day, or is the moment disappearing as you look, and if it is, why haven’t you taken the shot yet…. Is it in focus, with the creative DOF you want or not, is it the right exposure and have you effectively framed and composed the scene to make it work…

So,  have you, have you taken that shot yet?

I did, and so did my friends and its afterwards when you view each others shots you start to understand the various different perspectives, some do it this way, others that way, no one way is better than the other, but, just one way seems to have nailed it fully and in doing so that photographers image helps you to understand why and what do do next time to improve your own.

The first shot in this set is part of the jetty and lock gates that make up a large dock gate.

You’ll find another shot of the gate on the 1806 Cassion Blog Here.

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March 15, 2009

Off The Byways

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A collection from Bethnal Green to The Isle Of Dogs,  London.

I don’t lack inspiration, it’s not that the light is poor, I dunno, it’s like I’m dormant or something, I feel the spring calling and I’m waiting to jump into action, but as yet, its still cold out and I’ve done little work to maintain this blog. I have a new motorcycle however, well actually more like a modern classic that has taken up much of my free time I admit. Hey, the sun’s out again and the roads are dry! But as yet, I’ve not got much coming up photo events wise and my free time seems to consist mainly of seeing friends whilst staying warm. Although saying that, I have ventured out to gather takeaways from unusual distances, just an excuse to ride the bike really, and taken a few tours of new areas in search of interesting artifact subjects within East London.

These shots are snippets from those recce’s, and an attempt to continue to fulfill my desire to capture an alternate view of London; its people, its backstreets and byways, warts and all.

Shaded Sunset, easier to view from within a shadow; Behind Trafalgar Road, Greenwich, just eastwards from the Trafalgar Public House along the Thames.

Appealing Seats. No truer words; Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green.

Follow The Arrow Head;  Island Gardens, The Isle Of Dogs.

An Entrepreneur with his biodegradable environmental labeling system; Cable Street, Shadwell.

Sunsets orange rays stunningly reflected of the bricked banks of the Thames; Off Lassell Street, Greenwich

Stage Shadow. A park climbing frame with imagination; Off Crisp Street Market, All Saints.

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